STELFONTA®, An Innovative and Effective Treatment for Canine Mast Cell Tumours

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STELFONTA is a ground-breaking new treatment for canine mast cell tumours (MCTs). In this webinar Dr Pam Jones will introduce STELFONTA (tigilanol tiglate), an innovative option for intratumoral treatment of canine mast cell tumours, review the efficacy data behind this new product and demonstrate how this highly innovative treatment can be used to provide a high tumour elimination rate, wound healing and a speedy return to a good quality of life for the pet. STELFONTA® contains tigilanol tiglate, a biologically active pharmaceutical compound extracted from the seed of the native Australian blushwood (Fontainea picrosperma) tree found in the North Queensland rainforest. Tigilanol tiglate was discovered and developed by Australian company QBiotics and has been extensively researched over many years.


Pam Jones

DVM Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Oncology) Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology (Radiation Oncology)

Dr. Pamela Jones underwent her veterinary training in the United States at Colorado State University. She completed a one-year rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery followed by a three-year oncology residency and a two-year residency in radiation oncology to achieve Board Certification within the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Medical Oncology and the American College of Veterinary Radiology in Radiation Oncology. Pamela recognised the value of comparative oncology early in her oncology career and sought active participation in clinical trials. Pamela served on several immuno-oncology advisory boards which fuelled her interest in pharmaceutical development; initially as Veterinary Medical Liaison for a pharmaceutical start-up company where she was instrumental in the successful launch of three first in class pharmaceutical products. Pamela joined QBiotics Group in 2019 as Global Director of Professional Services.