Infectious Diseases in Small Animal Practice - Vet Education

Infectious Diseases in Small Animal Practice

4-Week Interactive and Tutor Guided Course

Infectious diseases represent a critical disease group in practice. Over 4 massive weeks, this course will cover the essential nursing facts you need to know when managing parvo-virus, feline respiratory tract infections, leptospirosis, tetanus and more!

What's in the Course?

Week 1: Respiratory Infections!

Covering feline and canine respiratory infections, you will learn about the infections, presentation, critical care, client advice and disease prevention! There's more too - with practice protocols for correct isolation and disinfection of your clinic to prevent the spread of these important diseases!

This week will be HUGE - with parvovirus, bacterial infections, feline gastrointestinal infections and more! Practice protocols, the latest vaccination advice and critical care will be covered in what is sure to be a hugely informative and exciting week of learning!

From cystitis to leptospirosis, pyelonephritis to transmissible venereal tumour, this week will look at what to do when animals have signs of urinary discomfort caused by infection - including what to look for in urine tests (and how to prepare them!) and much more!
The big ones this week are botulism and tetanus - but there are others as well, like toxoplasma and neospora! We will look at how these patients present, what happens to the patients’ nervous systems, and importantly, how your nursing care can save lives! We will finish off the course with practice treatment protocols, developed especially for this course!

Course Features

Printed and Bound Course Book
Graded Course Assessment
Discussion Forums
Live and Online Weekly Tutorials
Comprehensive Learning Resources
Extra Course Resources
Protocols For Your Practice
Reference Library


When Is It?

Start Date: Monday, May 18, 2020

Duration: 4 Weeks

Live Weekly Tutorials: Mondays at 19:30 AEST (Sydney Time)

These live tutorials are recorded if you are unable to participate in real-time.
To check the time in your local area, please click here.

Course Fee

The cost for this 4-week vet course is only AUD 350.

Your Tutor

Dr. Philip Judge

Dr. Philip Judge
BVSc MVS PG Cert Vet Stud MACVSc (VECC; Medicine of Dogs)
Director: Vet Education Pty Ltd