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Emergency Medicine in Small Animal Practice

CPD HOURS - 25 | RACE Submitted for Approval

Duration:  5 Weeks - Starts Monday, February 19, 2018 (Check your time-zone)

Course Fees: 350 AUD (Check your currency)

Live Weekly Tutorials: Mondays at 19:30 AEDT (Check your time-zone)

These tutorials are recorded if you are unable to participate in real-time.

Course Schedule

Topic 1 -The Emergency Patient: First Aid to Triage

The first week of the emergency medicine course will cover initial telephone contact with the client – including the dos and don’ts of telephone advice, and how to get the most from your conversation in the shortest time! We will also cover giving advice of first aid at the scene of an emergency, and how to best prepare your clinic for the arrival of an emergency patient!

Additionally, we will cover the principles and practice of triage, along with how to conduct the patients’ first clinical examination on arrival at the vet clinic (the Primary Survey). We will also cover the essentials of history taking from the owner, and those essential patient samples required to assist you and the veterinarian manage the case effectively!

Topic 2 - The Patient in Respiratory Distress

I Can't Breathe! This topic will cover management of the patient with breathing difficulty. Learn a methodical and proven method to evaluate and treat patients with breathing difficulties - from airway obstruction, diaphragmatic hernia, and pneumonia to pneumothorax, and a lot in-between - the nurses role is critical! You will also learn how to correctly administer oxygen therapy, provide short-term ventilation therapy, and how to monitor the effectiveness of a patients breathing. We'll even chat about blood gas and criteria for ventilating a patient too!

Topic 3 - Shock and Fluid Therapy in the Emergency Patient!

Shock is serious! Not only does it make our patients look bad - if we don't treat and monitor our treatment appropriately, our patients can suffer organ dysfunction, failure, or even death! Shock can be caused by many things - trauma, electrocution, heart disease, and sepsis, among other things. So – what does a patient with shock look like? Is the treatment for all types of shock the same? What happens to the patient that doesn’t respond to treatment for shock? When is the right time to give a transfusion? All of these questions and more will be answered!

Topic 4 - The Deteriorating Patient

My Patient Looks Worse! What if your patient looks worse after your treatment? Or what if they initially look OK - but then deteriorate? This topic will examine how you should monitor your patients, AND, why they deteriorate or sometimes 'crash' and die - and what YOU can do to help prevent this from happening! 

Topic 5 - Post-Resuscitation Management

Management of the Trauma Patient following initial resuscitation. During this topic, we will learn the best way to monitor and manage trauma patients following resuscitation of the respiratory, circulatory and neurological systems. We will discuss monitoring techniques, and an introduction to nursing the critically injured patient! We will also look at specific emergencies, such as GDV, head trauma, patients requiring transfusions and more!

Special Topic: CPR

This topic will focus on current recommendations outlined in the RECOVER initiative and how YOU can optimise the practice of CPR in your practice! What’s more, we’ll even produce some handy CPR reference guides for your practice – so everyone knows what to do!


Successful management of emergency patients is about being prepared, and knowing what to do, and when to do it. This course is full of practical material - from helping you set up an emergency "ready area" in your practice, and performing CPR, to how to effectively deal with respiratory emergencies, seizures, and even how to diagnose and monitor shock. This course is fully updated with some exciting new case scenarios to work through, videos, crosswords and other new assessment tools as well!

Your Tutor

Dr Philip Judge

BVSc MVS PG Cert Vet Stud MACVSc (VECC; Medicine of Dogs)
Director: Vet Education Pty Ltd

  • Consultant in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
  • Internationally renowned lecturer and published author
  • Dedicated to providing you with innovative and exciting online learning!

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Course Fee

The cost for this 5-week course is only AUD 350. This fee includes postage of your course book, full access to our website for the duration of the course, including message-board access, and all online tutorials, quiz assessments, marking and advice, and a certificate on successful course completion.