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Take the Pressure Down - What is Hypertension and How Can You Help?

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About the webinar

Imagine having a thumping headache and not being able to tell a soul? 1 in 8 cats over 10 have idiopathic hypertension, and often times we don’t know until they present blind! In this webinar, you will learn what to ask clients to get hints about whether you and your vet need to delve deeper, you will learn how to take blood pressures with various devices and how to treat these kitties. We will also touch on cat friendly handling! Join us for this webinar and start speaking cat!

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Dr Chantal Celindano

BVSc (hons) MANZCVS (feline medicine) ISFM AdvCertFB

Chantal is your run-of-the-mill crazy cat lady. She has worked at cat clinics in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and London over the last 20 years and holds her Membership in Feline Medicine, as well as her ISFM Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour – which has come in handy for her foster-fail, the eternally confused Tonkinese Meiko Nuggetini. She is a mentor for fellow cat fanatic vets sitting their exams and when not sleuthing for the next perfect pair of cat earrings, can be found dragging her husband and daughter to cat conferences at every given opportunity.

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This free webinar starts at 19:30 AEST on May 17, 2023.

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