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A Vet Education Initiative

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What is Pawsitivity?

We believe that a positive and supportive environment is essential for the well-being and success of veterinary professionals. With this in mind, Pawsitivity is an ongoing initiative aimed at boosting positivity, fostering a sense of community, and uplifting the spirits of veterinary professionals around the globe. Through a series of engaging challenges, activities, and resources, our initiative aims to create a vibrant network of individuals who inspire and support each other in their professional and personal journeys.


Pawsitivity Distance Challenge

The “Pawsitivity Distance Challenge” is a thrilling walking / running challenge. Lace up your walking/hiking/running shoes and embark on a journey of fitness, camaraderie, and pawsitive energy!

Participants will compete to cover the most kilometers during the challenge period, with exciting prizes awaiting the top three performers. Join us in this exciting event, embrace the spirit of friendly competition, and let’s pave the way to a healthier, happier veterinary community together!

Apart from the running challenge, we also have a lineup of fun mini-challenges for everyone to participate and win bonus points! So, don’t miss out!

At the heart of our initiative are a variety of mini-challenges designed to cultivate a positive mindset, encourage acts of kindness, and promote self-care through outdoor activities. We encourage all team members, from veterinarians and veterinary nurses/technicians to support staff, to actively engage in activities that promote positivity, uplift spirits, and foster a sense of well-being in themselves and others.

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Featured Pawsitivity

We are excited to announce that as part of our positivity initiative, we will be showcasing some of the latest positive news from the veterinary community. We believe that sharing uplifting stories and achievements not only inspires others but also strengthens our sense of unity and shared purpose.

We invite all members of our community to share their positive news, whether it’s a heartwarming success story, an innovative approach to veterinary care, or a remarkable act of kindness. By sharing your news with us, you have the opportunity to be featured and celebrated by our community. Together, let’s highlight the remarkable contributions and positive impact of the veterinary profession.

Join us in spreading positivity and inspiring others with your incredible stories!

Share the Pawsitivity

Spread the positivity and invite your veterinary friends and colleagues to join our initiative. Together, we can create a community filled with support, inspiration, and shared success!



By participating in the distance challenge organized by Vet Education, all participants acknowledge that they are voluntarily engaging in physical activity and assume full responsibility for their own health and safety during the course of the challenge. Participants understand and agree that Vet Education and its organizers, sponsors, and affiliates shall not be held liable for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred during or as a result of their participation in the challenge. It is the sole responsibility of each participant to ensure that they are in good health, physically fit, and able to participate in the challenge activities. Participants are advised to consult with a medical professional before undertaking any physical activities and to exercise caution while running or engaging in any related exercises. By signing up for the challenge, participants acknowledge and accept these terms and release Vet Education from any liability associated with their participation in the distance challenge. Please note that cycling is not eligible or considered a valid entry for this particular challenge. By signing up, participants agree and consent to Vet Education’s use of their data on website and promotional channels for the purpose of acknowledging their participation and featuring their accomplishments in the challenge. Participants also agree to adhere to all rules and guidelines set forth by Vet Education.

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