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October 13 - 15, 2020

Up to 12 CE Points

Online Veterinary Nurse & Technician Conference

Join thousands of Veterinary Nurses & Technicians from across the globe! 3 Days | 6 Lectures | FREE TO ATTEND

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The Biggest Event of the Year

Why should you attend?

The Vet Education Online Veterinary Nurse and Technician Conference is an outstanding FREE, RACE-approved online event for veterinary nurses and technicians everywhere.

6 Outstanding Speakers

This event showcases some of the world’s top veterinary specialists who will be delivering amazing lectures in real-time.

Have More Fun

Not only do you get outstanding clinical lectures, but this year we’ve got even more in store for you, with some fun and interactive activities – just for you!

Free to Attend

Yes, that’s correct! This exciting event is absolutely free-to-attend for veterinary nurses and technicians worldwide.

RACE-Approved CE

Get much needed Continuing Education (CE) credits before the year ends. Attend the #VNCON20 and get 12 CE credits!

Meet the Speakers

Our Speakers

The 2020 program features 6 outstanding speakers, who will interact with you LIVE over the 3 days of the conference, on practical, and relevant topics to your practice!

Event Schedule

6 Lectures Over 3 Days

The 2020 program is will also feature some exciting surprises and fun activities in between the lectures! All sessions will be recorded. If you are unable to attend the live lectures, a link to the recordings will be shared with you a few days following the event.

OCT 13

Speaker: Philip Judge

Topic Description: The cat with shock can present a unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenge – not least because a large number of cats with shock may not show outward symptoms of significant circulatory compromise at all! Join us as we investigate a sound approach to both diagnosing and managing shock in cats – including how to select fluid rates, and how to select appropriate resuscitation end-points!

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Speaker: Charisma Judge

About this Fun Event: Take a break and join Charisma as she walks you through the process of whipping up a light, nutritious and simple Indian vegetarian meal. Watch it live or play it back for a cook-along.

An answer to “What’s For Dinner?” is not a conundrum any longer!

Join Dr. Charisma Judge don the chef’s hat, as she guides you through a meal of Dahl (lentil curry), Cumin Fried Rice (a fragrant pilaf), Cucumber Raita (a yoghurt based dip), and a scrumptious Mango lassi (a refreshing fruit based beverage).

Keep an eye out for the ingredient list as we email it to all participants!

Delicious comfort food in a warm bowl is just the thing to keep you satiated as you sit down to watch your next lecture of the Online Vet Nurse/ Tech Conference 2020 series.


This special session will broadcast live on our Facebook Page!

Speaker: Sam Clutterbuck

Topic Description: Birds carry a higher anaesthetic mortality and morbidity rate than domestic pets, such as cats and dogs.

While there are many ways to help reduce this risk, emergencies will unfortunately happen. Being prepared with equipment, emergency drugs and doses and the knowledge to use them can mean the difference between life and death. This webinar will cover ways to prevent anaesthesia emergencies as well as how to react once an issue has become apparent.

Click here to check the lecture time in your local time-zone.

OCT 14

Speaker: Vicky O’Grain

Topic Description: In this presentation you will learn how to structure and perform a nutritional consultation. We will learn how to address common questions that owners may ask. How to reinforce a veterinarian’s recommendation. How to implement the recommendation. How to calculate how much too feed and how long a bag will last. Plus how to follow up a consultation. We will follow Tiger’s case to see what can happen and how a nutritional counselor can be instrumental in assuring the correct diet and feeding amount is given by the pet owner resulting in a successful acceptance of a new food.

Click here to check the lecture time in your local time-zone.

Speaker: Jen Scott

About this Fun Event: The best remedy after a long day on your feet at the clinic would be a few relaxing stretches that will bring you that much needed calm and balance.

Join Dr Jen Scott as she guides us through a yoga break between lectures during the Online Vet Nurse/Tech Conference 2020!


This special session will broadcast live on our Facebook Page!

Speaker: Julie Ashton

Topic Description: In this webinar, we will discuss what stress is and why we should care about it for our feline patients. We will then examine some ways we can reduce stress – making life easier for us and the cats visiting our clinics. We will end having a look at ‘red flags’ which cats may present with in clinic which would warrant a behavioural assessment.

Click here to check the lecture time in your local time-zone.

OCT 15

Speaker: Amy Newfield

Topic Description: Even if you do not work in an emergency clinic, the chances are you will have a hit-by-car pet come through your doors. The first 15 minutes of that pet’s arrival is the most important. Attendees will learn exactly what to do in what order when a hit by car pet comes through the doors. Triage, catheter selection, fluid therapy and more will be discussed.

Click here to check the lecture time in your local time-zone.

Speaker: Brian Faulkner

About this Fun Event: This very short taster session focuses on defining, understanding and developing self-confidence. Just as we would never try and suture an ‘unhealthy wound’, developing self-confidence actually begins by defining, understanding and managing the issues that undermine it. I capture these as 6 D’s; doubt, deadlines, difficulty, disappointment, disagreement and disapproval; the potential for which are inherent to working in veterinary practice. For more details on this and other subjects, as well as some free material, please visit


Click here to check the lecture time in your local time-zone.

Speaker: Suzie Mclean

Topic Description: The intention is to impart strategies for individual, team and organisational level strategies for health and wellbeing within the context of a veterinary hospital/clinic.

Click here to check the lecture time in your local time-zone.

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Here’s what past participants said about the event.
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As usual Philip and Charisma, you have run a stellar conference, with amazing speakers, acutely relevant topics and your own fabulous insights – thank you so much!


wow, what a fabulous lineup of great topics and top quality lecturers.


Thank you so very much 🙂
We have loved every minute of the conference! Best CE of the year!


Thank you so much for putting on this fabulous webinar series for us. Lovely!


Very good lectures with excellent presenters. Presentations where great and allowing for interactive questions during presentation.


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Dr Philip Judge

BVSc MVS PG Cert Vet Stud MACVSc (Vet. Emergency and Critical Care; Medicine of Dogs)
Philip graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 1992, and spent 7 years in small animal practice before undertaking a 3-year residency in veterinary emergency and critical care at the University of Melbourne in 1998. Following his residency, Philip worked for nearly 6 years at the Animal Emergency Centre in Melbourne, becoming the Senior Veterinarian at the centre in 2004. In 2006, Philip undertook a 1-year surgical externship before moving to Townsville to take up the position of Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care at JCU. Philip is also co-founder, and director of Vet Education Pty Ltd ( – one of Australia’s leading providers of online continuing education for veterinarians and veterinary nurses.
Philip has published numerous manuals and guides concerning emergency medicine, including a CRI manual, haematology and biochemistry interpretation guide, emergency anaesthesia guide, and a ventilation therapy manual for small animals, in addition to being published in peer reviewed literature. Philip’s key interests in veterinary science include respiratory emergencies, ventilation therapy, envenomations, and toxicology.
  • Consultant in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
  • Internationally renowned lecturer and published author
  • Dedicated to providing you with innovative and exciting online learning

Sam Clutterbuck

CertIV VN Cert(FearFree) Dip. VN (Zoological sp.) (AHSZ)

Sam is a veterinary nurse with over 15 years experience in general practice, emergency and ICU centres, various wildlife centres and Zoos throughout Australia and as Head Nurse of an exotic only clinic. She has a CertIV in veterinary nursing, is VNCA accredited, FearFree certified and possesses a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing of Zoological and Exotic Species. She is also the owner of Exotic Veterinary Nurse Training, which offers workshops, seminars, CPD short courses and webinars, teaching veterinary nurses all things exotic species.


Vicky Ograin

MBA, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)

Vicky received her technician degree from Los Angeles Pierce College in 1983. She served in private practice for many years in California, and then 19 years ago began a career with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, where she is a Specialist, Global Education in the Global Professional Veterinary Affairs department, where she focuses on developing and educating on nutrition. She is credentialed in California and Kansas.

In 2007, she completed a Bachelor of Science and in 2008, she completed a Masters, both in Business Administration.

Vicky obtained her Veterinary Technician Specialty (VTS) in nutrition in June 2013 and serves as secretary for the Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians. She is a life member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), and was the 2014 president of NAVTA. Currently, she serves as the NAVTA CE Committee chair.

Vicky speaks nationally and internationally and is a published author.

Julie Ashton

BSc, BVSc, MANZCVS (Vet Behaviour), MRCVS
BSc, BVSc, MANZCVS (Vet Behaviour), MRCVS

Dr Julie became increasingly passionate about the emotional wellbeing of the animals in her care during her time at vet school and decided early on that this was the direction her career was going to head in. In 2009 she graduated from Bristol University (UK) with a BSc in Animal Behaviour as well as her BVSc as a vet. She spent a couple of years working in a busy North London practice before heading ‘down under.’ She spent the next 9 years calling Sydney her home. In 2014, she obtained Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Veterinary Behaviour. The same year, she set up Life on Four Legs – a veterinary behaviour referral service – servicing much of Sydney.

In 2019, she returned to the UK and is now taking referrals from the South East of England. She is an ASAB and ABTC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and an ABTC registered Veterinary Behaviourist.

Amy Newfield


Amy is currently employed with BluePearl Veterinary Partners as a Project Manager for Training and Health and Wellness and owner of Veterinary Team Training. After working in general practice for many years, Amy found her passion in emergency medicine and went on to obtain her VTS in Emergency and Critical Care. She has held several board positions in the Academy of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Technicians & Nurses including president. Besides emergency medicine, Amy’s new focus is on team and leadership development. Amy is well published in over 20 subjects and recently published her own book “Oops, I Became a Manager” in 2020. She lives in Massachusetts with her wonderful furry kids where you can find her eating chocolate, running in the woods, competing in agility and diving in the ocean.


Suzie McLean

BPsych (Hons) MAP (Organisational); CertIV VN

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