Webinar Recording

Top Tips to Being an Excellent Surgical Nurse

Dr James Crowley

BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery) GradDipEd

About the lecture

Nurses are the heartbeat of the veterinary hospital. They are what keep the lights on and make the day to day running work, and ultimately, optimise the outcomes for our furry patients. Being a surgery nurse is a challenging role. It is multi-faceted and often requires you to complete multiple tasks at once.

This webinar will detail some of my top tips for being an excellent surgery nurse. There are many favourable personality traits and character attributes that make for a brilliant surgery nurse. This webinar will cover some of those, with some practical tips and tricks to encourage you to take your surgical nursing to the next step.

Perhaps you will learn of a topic of interest closely linked to surgery that you can explore to complement outcomes for your surgical patients and assist your veterinary surgeon colleagues.

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