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Online Vet Nurse Conference 2019

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Welcome to the Vet Education Online Vet Nurse/Tech Conference 2019

October 1 - 3, 2019

3 Days I 6 Live Lectures I FREE to Attend

About the Conference

A FREE conference for Vet Nurses and Vet Technicians across the globe - brought to you by Vet Education and Hill's Pet Nutrition.

Join us over 3 days for 6 clinically-relevant topics covering anaesthesia, nutrition, critical care, emergency medicine and dermatology.

Join the event from the comfort of your home along with your favourite cool beverage or cuppa!

What's more, you will be joining the Conference along with our fantastic community of over 5000 vet nurses and vet technicians from around the world for this truly international event!

All sessions will be recorded. If you are unable to attend the live lectures, a link to the recordings will be shared with you a few days following the event.

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Our Speakers


6 lectures over 3 days from October 1 - 3, 2019!

Harold Davis

Harold Davis, Jr.

Dr. Meng Siek

Dr. Meng Siak

Dr. Philip Judge

Dr. Philip Judge

Siobhan Steven

Siobhan Steven

Vicky Ograin

Vicky Ograin

Tora Thomas

Tora Thomas


Day 1

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Vicky Ograin, MBA, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)

Gastrointestinal issues are very common problem in dogs and cats presenting to a veterinary hospital or clinic. The GI tract could be considered its own internal ecosystem. The GI microbiome is an intestinal ecosystem consisting of microbes that live symbiotically with the host GI tract. Besides the normal GI cells, there are numerous microorganisms that live within this space providing benefits to the body. We will look at the functions of the microbiome. We will also discuss prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics and the positive impact they have on the GI Health.
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Dr Philip R. Judge, BVSc MVS PG Cert Vet Stud MACVSc (Vet. Emergency and Critical Care; Medicine of Dogs)

Cytology of body fluids and masses can seem a daunting and sometimes confusing thing. Not onlt can different types of tissues have “normal” cells from each other, when these tissues have pathology associated with them, these cell characteristics can change also - sometimes dramatically. This lecture will provide an introduction to cytology - showing what normal cells from different tissues look like - and then providing answers to three (3) important questions when looking at a sample: Is it inflamed, is it hyperplastic, or is it neoplastic. This lecture will be filled with loads of images of cells, and practical, down-to-earth advice!
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Day 2

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Harold Davis, Jr, BA, RVT, VTS (Emergency & Critical Care) (Anesthesia & Analgesia), University of California-Davis

The patient with blunt force trauma can have a wide range of injuries - from fractures and obvious external wounds, to internal bleeding and lung contusions, among a host of others. These patients require a careful and systematic approach to stabilisation and monitoring, to ensure they have the best chance at survival. Join renowned speaker Harold Davis, as he takes us step-by-step into the world of managing these fragile patients.
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Tora Thomas, Veterinary Radiographer

Radiography is an expensive diagnostic test - and our patients (and clients!) depend on us getting the best image - to help direct the most appropriate treatment. However, time pressures, unco-operative patients, and improper technique can sometimes combine to produce images that aren’t quite as good as we would like. Join veterinary radiographer, Tora Thomas, as she dissects the common mistakes we all make - and outlines simple, easy-to-use protocols that will help us get the best radiographic image, first time, every time!
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Day 3

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Dr. Meng Siak, BVMS, MANZCVS (Canine Medicine), FANZCVS (Veterinary Dermatology)

Join Dr Meng as she discusses the commonly encountered dermatological diseases in canine and feline patients - and outlines simple, easy-to-use protocols that will help us get the best dermatological diagnosis! Dr Meng will present case studies to help highlight possible situations that one can encounters in clinical practice.
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Siobhan Steven, Veterinary Anaesthesiologist, University of Melbourne

You have your patient anaesthetised… but things are not quite right. The blood pressure is low, the patient is not breathing, the ECG rhythm doesn’t look normal. These are stressful times - and out patients lives depend on usmaking the right decisions - and fast! Join University of Melbourne Veterinary Clinic anaesthetic technician, Siobhan Steven, as she presents a no-nonsense, practical approach to real-life problem-solving in the anaesthetised patient, that will renew your confidence - and help your patients too!
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A very big THANK YOU for another wonderful conference, full of great speakers and valuable information. You do such a great job delivering relevant and practical continuing education to us. Am so looking forward to reviewing some of those lectures again.

Claire, Australia September 2, 2019

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