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Vet Nurse Course

Your Tutor

  • Dr. Philip Judge
  • Qualifications: BVSc MVS PG Cert Vet Stud MACVSc (VECC; Medicine of Dogs)
  • Director: Vet Education Pty Ltd
  • Consultant in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
  • Internationally renowned lecturer and published author
  • Dedicated to providing you with innovative and exciting online learning!

Demystifying Clinical Pathology – For Vet Nurses

Clinical pathology is an essential part of everyday veterinary practice - allowing many diagnostic and treatment decisions to be made with minimal delay - improving patient outcome veterinary practice capability. This exciting 4-week course will cover sample collection and processing, and how to properly set up your microscope, through to how to interpret your in-house clinical pathology results - from PCV's, and clotting profiles, to interpreting a blood smear and cytology of masses - perfect for those emergency cases on long weekends and public holidays!


Course Schedule

  • Week 1 - The Blood Smear

    This week we will look at blood smear interpretation - how to "look" for the cells, identify them, and count them as a manual verification of your automated blood counts! We will also look at anaemia and bleeding disorders too, and how YOU can help diagnose these important diseases!
  • Week 2 - General Cytology!

    The Soft Tissue Mass! Soft tissue masses are commonplace in veterinary medicine - ranging from lymph node enlargement to soft tissue sarcomas and mast cell tumours. This week we will navigate how to tell what you are looking at when reviewing samples of these masses, and how this will aid you and your vets in clinical decision-making! In addition, we'll look at cytology of body cavity fluids, and even look at bone marrow!
  • Week 3 - The Biochemistry Profile

    The Biochemistry Profile - What Does It Mean? This week is all about serum biochemistry, and what the numbers mean, when they are significant and when they may not be. We will also look at a whole raft of further diagnostic tests – from serology to hormone assay interpretations as well - so you are informed of the correct sampling requirements in further diagnostics.
  • Week 4 - Special Fluids!

    Special Fluids! CSF, urine, faeces and joints - all have unique characteristics. In addition, we will learn how to evaluate abnormal fluid from body cavities, such as the abdomen and chest - so you can better determine what each fluid type means for your patient!

Course Features

  • Printed and Bound Course Book
  • Graded Course Assessment
  • Discussion Forums
  • Live and Online Weekly Tutorials.
  • Comprehensive Learning Resources
  • Extra Course Resources
  • Protocols For Your Practice
  • Structured and RACE Approved CE

Course Fees

The cost for this 4-week course is only AUD 350.00. This fee includes postage of your course book; full access to our website for the duration of the course, including message-board access, and all online tutorials, quiz assessments, marking and advice, and a certificate on successful course completion.