Veterinary Practice Management

Why do this course

If you want to learn a problem-solving approach to practice management, this is the course for you. Many business management and leadership courses are crammed with models and jargon that are designed for white collar executives working in large Blue Chip companies. This is a practical course aimed at those who are working in a relatively small organisation which revolves around the ‘Patient-and-Client’ journey.

What's in it for me

The course is packed with analytical tools that help you conceptualise what it is you are trying to achieve as well as giving you the numbers you need to measure to know if you are making a difference to clinical, client, financial and team outcomes. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of 2 core strategies that veterinary practices can choose to drive turnover. You will learn about the tactics required to market your practice in a way that compliments, as opposed to contradicts, your preferred strategic approach. You’ll learn about Management Accounts and how to read a Profit and Loss sheet, as well as the numbers and percentages you should be aiming for plus the most common areas and mistakes that lead to eroded profit. The course finishes with a module on HR; incorporating Recruitment and Retention, as well as everyday ways to drive Learning and development. You’ll learn about how to have uncomfortable conversations with members of staff when addressing minor performance or conduct issues as well as more formal grievance and disciple issues.

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Course Reviews

"I found the first module on legalities and Schedule 3 in relation to RVN fantastic and informative. This information is rarely laid out concisely and in a way that is clearly relevant to what we do as nurses, leaving us feeling nervous to provide services because we aren’t sure what we can or can’t do. I found this information was explained very well and I believe it is of significant value to all nurses. It set my mind at ease when it comes to consulting and knowing we are operating within our legal limits I found the information about the structure of a consultation very useful. I also liked the examples of the type of phrases and language we could use when detecting abnormalities and referring them to a vet in order to ensure that we don't get accused of ‘diagnosing’ something we shouldn't. The module on confidence and self-doubt was also very helpful. I was able to identify my own self talk and how to deal with failure I enjoyed the intro so much, I would happily invest in the full price RVN Cons course. I think this course would be really helpful in our clinics that want to get nurse consulting off the ground, and add value to those already doing it. I would have liked a little more information on how to charge clients for our services as nurses, but I believe this is covered more in depth in the paid course? "
RVN & Practice Manager, Greencross Vets in Australia

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