Veterinary Business Leadership

Why do this course

If you want to learn a problem-solving approach to leading a veterinary practice team, this is the course for you. Many business management and leadership courses are crammed with models and jargon that are designed for white collar executives working in large Blue Chip companies who lead ‘From-the-Top-Down’ as opposed to the ‘Clinician-cum-Boss’ who is working in and leading a relatively small organisation which revolves around the ‘Patient-and-Client’ journey.

What's in it for me

The course is packed with analytical tools that help you conceptualise what it is you are trying to achieve as well as giving you the numbers you need to measure to know if you are making a difference to clinical, client, financial and team outcomes. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of 2 core strategies that veterinary practices can choose to drive turnover. You will learn about the tactics required to market your practice in a way that compliments, as opposed to contradicts, your preferred strategic approach. You’ll learn about Management Accounts and how to read a Profit and Loss sheet, as well as the numbers and percentages you should be aiming for plus the most common areas and mistakes that lead to eroded profit. The course finishes with a module on HR; incorporating Recruitment and Retention, as well as everyday ways to drive Learning and development. You’ll learn about how to have uncomfortable conversations with members of staff when addressing minor performance or conduct issues as well as more formal grievance and disciple issues.

The hallmark of leadership is the ability to navigate uncertainty. Learning, mastering and applying the lessons contained within this course will give you the confidence you need to do this in veterinary practice. You will be able to define and set measurable, achievable organisational objectives you will need to lead your veterinary practice successfully, and be clearer about which strategy you are using to pursue them. Not only will you personally feel more confident by clarifying goals and strategies, your team will also feel less confused and should therefore work more consistently and coherently.

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5 Things Everyone in Practice Needs to Know

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Course Reviews

"Very well-spoken and put together videos. Highly recommend this course as it tackles some of the everyday issues dealt with in practice and gives useful advice on how to overcome these. Everyday practice goes beyond books and it is nice to know there is information out there covering an important aspect of this job. Looking forward to more videos."
"I generally have significant antipathy towards the self-help / self-improvement movement. I find most of the content is common sense and unlikely to be life changing. So it was with some scepticism that I watched the Vet Whisperer course. I have to say, it was fantastic. The evidence based approach to an analysis of behaviour was terrific and would appeal to most scientific minds. The fact it specifically relates to veterinary practice was a big plus, rather than a generic one varnished with a vet clinic top coat."

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