Certificate in Veterinary Nurse Consulting: CertNCS(RVN Cons)

Why do this course

Are you a veterinary nurse who has an interest in running nurse consultation clinics, but feel you do not have the confidence or experience to do so? The Colourful CPD Certificate in Veterinary Nurse Consulting will provide you with the full range of skills required to enable you to run and deliver consultations confidently and effectively for the benefit of the animals, their owners and the practice.

What's in it for me

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the aims and objects of a consultation.
  • Engage positively with the client during a consultation.
  • Recognise the types of situation that might undermine their confidence in the consulting room and how to manage these.
  • Charge appropriately for consultations according to the practice protocol, understanding the importance of charging.
  • Understand why clients may react unexpectedly, recognise the emotions and understand how to give appropriate responses to the typical emotions that clients may demonstrate.
  • Learn how to build on your confidence and reduce their self-doubt, which will help manage stress and improve resilience.

Course Fee:


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This course is delivered and managed by Colourful CPD. Vet Education is a collaborative partner. You will receive your registration confirmation from Colourful CPD.

5 Things Everyone in Practice Needs to Know

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Course Reviews

"I really enjoyed the certificate in veterinary nurse consulting taster course and feel it has allowed me to feel more confident in how to hold my consults and clear paths to take when recommending when to see a vet. I enjoyed the breakdown of consults as this has allowed me to branch out in a clear and concise way to learn more about different subjects. The course really seems to suit my learning style as I'm a very visual learner so the colours help me to remember things. Overall I feel this model will allow me to hold more structured, fluid consults."
"I very much enjoyed the Introduction to Veterinary Nurse Consulting course. Even doing the job for a number of years now it still taught me a lot of new things. It was very informative and I enjoyed all videos."

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