Certificate in Coaching Veterinary Consultations: CertNCS(CVC)

Why do this course

Do you or a colleague want to obtain coaching – and subsequently recognition in the form of professional post-nominals – of your ability to coach colleagues in veterinary consulting skills? Colourful CPD recognise that veterinary consulting and communication skills are crucial areas of veterinary practice that should be developed and recognised. It is now possible to learn how to help your colleagues develop their consulting skills via Colourful CPD’s Non-Clinical Certificate in Coaching Veterinary Consulting. This is the only certified qualification in the world that provides formal recognition of one’s ability to coach veterinary consulting and communication skills.

What's in it for me

The qualification is based upon Colourful CPD’s Colourful Consultation model which incorporates a problem-solving approach to clinical reasoning and resolution within a consensus-based approach to decision-making. The course material is presented as 2 halves. The first half focuses on helping you help your colleagues understand the theory, principles and practices relating to the clinical, client, financial challenges that are part and parcel of all veterinary consultations. The second half then helps you help your colleagues apply these principles and practices specifically to each of the five most common consultations; the primary consultation, the follow-up re-check consultation, the long-term / ongoing medical / re-prescription case-consultation, the vaccination consultations (primary and annual) and the euthanasia consultation.

Achievement of this qualification will recognise your ability to coach colleagues with a spectrum of challenges associated with communicating complex and often uncertain issues during veterinary-client interactions. Not only will you find that your coachees’ clinical reasoning has improved, you will find that their clients understand their explanations and proposals better. This will result in better uptake of proactive preventative and therapeutic proposals for your practice’s patients, as well as better client satisfaction and increased financial productivity. Both you and they will also gain a deeper sense of inner self-confidence and you personally will benefit from the recognised esteem associated the acquisition of the post-nominals CertNCS(CVC).

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This course is delivered and managed by Colourful CPD. Vet Education is a collaborative partner. You will receive your registration confirmation from Colourful CPD.

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Course Reviews

"Fantastically presented, informative and excellent content. Really helps to focus on day to day life in reception."
"Being an RVN I found the receptionist course very helpful, using my nursing skills for the advice sections and learning how to be a better receptionist with all the other modules covered. I think this course is very comprehensive especially for someone new to working in a veterinary practice, it covered all areas well and prepared people with all the necessary information needed to work in a busy veterinary practice. I found it interesting and interactive and it's really helped me think more about the things that can actually be achieved on reception."

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