Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Consulting: CertNCS(AVC) ‘Taster’

Why do this course

This is a short course which acts as a taster for the Non-Clinical Skills in Advanced Veterinary Consulting. The course is designed to give the delegate a feel for the style and delivery via some of the text and the webinars.

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Special Introductory Offer!


Special Introductory Offer!




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This course is delivered and managed by Colourful CPD. Vet Education is a collaborative partner. You will receive your registration confirmation from Colourful CPD.

5 Things Everyone in Practice Needs to Know

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Course Reviews

"Very well-spoken and put together videos. Highly recommend this course as it tackles some of the everyday issues dealt with in practice and gives useful advice on how to overcome these. Everyday practice goes beyond books and it is nice to know there is information out there covering an important aspect of this job. Looking forward to more videos."
"Really helpful area for the veterinary world to understand some of this material better because of the perfect storm we are facing of gender imbalance in younger graduates coupled with an over-emphasis on political correctness & the opportunity created for the relentless onward march of the corporates. No-one is really addressing the complex underlying issues which have created this situation, although there is at least some belated recognition that it has been allowed to arise. But this kind of information is really helpful to understand some of the mindsets which lie underneath the surface & help us to address some of the real concerns more appropriately. Many thanks."

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