Bereavement & End of Life Support (Companion Animal)

Why do this course

When dealing with clients at this difficult time do you feel as if you never quite know what to say or do for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing? Euthanasia of a pet can be a very difficult time, not just for the client, but also for those in practice who are involved in the process or deal with the client, before, during and after.

What's in it for me

This course is appropriate for anyone who has dealings with clients during this difficult time. Whilst this course has been written to accommodate non-clinical staff, it is suitable for all members of the veterinary team.
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the psychological importance of connection for humans and the nature of the relationship between people, including children, and animals.
  • Learn the 5 core human emotions and the different stages and types of grief.
  • Understand the process of euthanasia in detail, including possible complications that may occur during euthanasia.
  • Be able to recognise, accept, and managing your emotions, including the need for boundaries, dealing with compassion fatigue and ways to help yourself.
  • Dealing with elderly owners, owners with mental ill health and the loss of an assistance animal.

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5 Things Everyone in Practice Needs to Know

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Course Reviews

"I really enjoyed the certificate in veterinary nurse consulting taster course and feel it has allowed me to feel more confident in how to hold my consults and clear paths to take when recommending when to see a vet. I enjoyed the breakdown of consults as this has allowed me to branch out in a clear and concise way to learn more about different subjects. The course really seems to suit my learning style as I'm a very visual learner so the colours help me to remember things. Overall I feel this model will allow me to hold more structured, fluid consults."
"I very much enjoyed the Introduction to Veterinary Nurse Consulting course. Even doing the job for a number of years now it still taught me a lot of new things. It was very informative and I enjoyed all videos."

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