Vet Education hosts a series of interactive online continuing education courses specifically designed for vets who want to combine their busy professional schedule with RACE accredited CPD! Here are some of the latest and upcoming courses for Veterinarians.

Book Review: Australia’s Dangerous Snakes

A review of Australia’s Dangerous Snakes – Identification, Biology and Envenoming, a book that examines in some detail, the biology, natural history, venom properties, and bite treatment of medically important venomous snakes in Australia and its surrounding waters.

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Vet Synapse - Canine Necrotising Fasciitis

Canine Necrotising Fasciitis

In this episode, Dr. Philip Judge talks about Canine necrotising fasciitis, an uncommon, deep-seated destructive infection of the skin, subcutaneous, and superficial fascia.

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Feline Circulatory Shock

Why Talk About Shock in Cats? Listen to this episode of Vet Synapse where Dr. Philip Judge talks about Feline Circulatory Shock! Play this episode now!

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